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Herb Gardens


Though you may initially associate gardening with warming spring weather or the dog days of summer, the fall can actually be an ideal time to use your green thumb. Autumn is a prime time for planting many herbs that thrive in cooler weather, like cilantro, mint, parsley, rosemary, thyme, and more. You already know how using herbs can spice up some ho-hum dishes and add an additional kick to your favorite cocktails, but these ingredients can also contribute a slew of health benefits. Cilantro, for example, can combat inflammation, while mint is thought to promote digestion, and rosemary has antibacterial properties.

Given all the positives, you likely don’t need any convincing that having fresh herbs at your disposal will be a boon for both your palate and your health. But how exactly can you set up an herb garden if the only thing you’ve planted recently is yourself…on the couch? We’ve laid out a few simple steps.


Thank you for your interest in Isla Botanica! We specialize in island-grown herbs for health, beauty and joy.

Founded in 2009, Isla Botanica handcrafts herbal health- and body-care products featuring herbs grown in our garden on San Juan Island. Our original recipes are based on age-old traditions of plant use. Made with great care, ours are the freshest, highest quality herbal products available.

Isla Botanica’s garden—located on the beautiful 120-acre Talking Horse Ranch on San Juan Island—produces over 30 species of medicinal plants. These herbs are featured in our delicious tea blends, as well as our tinctures, salves and other products.

Sometimes we can’t grow the ingredients we need, so we source certified organic and fair-trade herbs and oils from regional farms and suppliers. This ensures our clientele enjoys goods that live up to their exacting standards of quality, justice and sustainability.

We are honored to work with plants and with the community. We appreciate the opportunity to provide the islands with the best of local goods. Please let us know how we can best be of service.

New site

We’re proud to announce our new site. We should be live by the middle of June, so check back soon!