About Us

Our vision:

To support the holistic and natural wellbeing of people, plants and the planet through

1) sustainable harvesting and cultivation,

2) the appropriate use of herbs grown locally and/or organically,

3) education about herbs, health and sustainability.


What we do:

Isla Botanica handcrafts delicious tea blends and herbal health- and body-care products featuring herbs grown in the Pacific Northwest. Our original recipes are based on age-old traditions of plant use. Made with great care, ours are the freshest, highest quality herbal products available.

Whether growing the herbs we use ourselves or harvesting them from nearby wild places, Isla Botanica always cultivates a relationship with plants and the earth. The herbs  we grow or harvest are featured in our delicious tea blends, tinctures, salves and other products.

Sometimes we can’t grow the ingredients we need, so we source certified organic and fair-trade herbs and oils from regional farms and suppliers. This ensures our clientele enjoys goods that live up to their exacting standards of quality, justice and sustainability.


Who we are:

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Amanda Thiel founded  Isla Botanica in 2009. An herbalist by training, she holds a BA in “Herbal Medicine in Cultural and Ecological Contexts” and is currently pursuing a MA in ethnobotany. Amanda loves traveling the world in search of models of people’s deep and harmonious relationships with plants and nature. For more information, see Amanda’s CV.


Amanda at the Joensuu Botanical Garden, Joensuu, Finland.